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#slack is a great alternative to #whatsapp if you have groups to talk and colaborate. Specially if you use for team collaboration and customer support.

I’ve just released that is important to look out for an alternative of Whatsapp for two reasons:

1. Data protection – Is so much more controlled using Slack rather than Whatapp, specially after the purchase from #facebook.

2. Recently Brazilian government has blocked the use of Whatapp, due to groups against corruption and unhappy with the currently government rules are using Whatsapp to communicated with each other. Which is against the democracy claimed by the constitution, however after the rationalization of the Internet, applied by the government in recent months, they can basically do whatever they want when is something against the currently ruler.

For this reason alone is enough. However, Slack offers so much more. It offers integration with a wide range of apps and applications, which in my opinion is great, apps such as #Trello, #Jira, #Dropbox, #Hangout and #MailChimp, there are a lot more than those, I suggest you to take a look and see for your self.

Image: Slack

Is Free to some extent, good enough for you to start of.

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