Trending Places For Professional Training and Development

No wonder world is changing. The challenges today isn’t the same as yesterday. You want to progress in your career and want to get the pay raise you deserve or perhaps change your career completely.

Today is so much easier to learn straight from the experts from all over the world.

As a Tester, I have to keep up with new technologies and new techniques in every client I work with. No job and project are the same.

To keep up with my technical skills, my interpersonal skills and marketing skills (in the end of the day I have to promote myself) I use short courses, for specific technical skills from professionals of all over the world and for long term skills I use a much more structured training from the top experts from known universities.

My two suggestions are Udemy and Coursera.


Rogerio da Silva

Test Analyst (ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester) | Test Lead | Business Test Analyst | Entrepreneur | Investor Share, Stocks, Forex and Cryptocurrency | Social Media Marketing | Social Media Management | Website Consulting & Revision | Email Consulting (Funnel Setup) Rogerio da Silva is a Consultant as a day job and big fan of personal development and entrepreneurship. Feel free to follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Page, Tumblr, Google+ to talk about ideas, investments, business opportunities in UK and Brazil.

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