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ISTQB Chapter 5 Quiz

There’s no time limit on this practice exam, so take as long as you wish. It is only 24 questions.

Is great to get you in the mindset of the actual exam.

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This is a set of question so you can practice to help with your ISTQB exam.

It covers Software Testing foundation – Test Management

Below is the summary of the topics in the questions.

Software Testing Foundation – ISTQB-ISEB Topics

5. Test Management

Test Organisation Independent Testing
Tasks of Test Leader & Tester
Test Planning & Estimation Test PlanningTest Policy, Strategy
Estimation Techniques
Test PlanTest ApproachesAnalytical
Process Compliant or Standard Compliant
Dynamic and Heuristic

Entry & Exit Criteria

Test Progress Monitoring & Control Test Monitoring
Test Reporting & Control
Test Summary Report
Risks and Testing Risk: Probability/Likelihood & Impact
Project & Product Risks
Risk-based testing approach
Configuration Management Establish and maintain the integrity of the products and ensure all items of test-ware are identified, version controlled, tracked for changes, related to each other.
Incident Management Incident Management
Incident Logging
Test Incident Report

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