Test and Feedback Azure DevOps Extension for Edge [Solved]

You have a Windows 10 work PC and you are unable to install the extension ‘Test & Feedback’ by Microsoft from Azure DevOps marketplace.

When you go to the extension (plug-in) page, you will notice the supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Edge. For Edge, it used to say ‘coming soon’ and status has recently been changed to ‘In the pipeline’.

Fantastic. Finally.

But, you may find you are in the situation of being prevented to download and install in your working PC/Laptop, maybe due to the ‘Edge’ browser has been ser with admin rights and limitations, so you cannot install it in the current version that you have.

After dropping a question from the extension marketplace Q&A area, I found out that there’s a workaround. It has worked so far, not sure for how long though and things may change when is actually available in the marketplace.

In the meantime, do this.

Microsoft Edge, announced back in December 2018, it has gone open source and adopted to the Chromium open source project as a partner, meaning it is, from now on, compatible with Chrome extensions. 

Now, in order for you to install the extension, you will need Chromium Edge, even if you already have Edge installed.

You can go and get it from the Microsoft Insider website

At the time I put this together, the ‘Beta’ version is not available yet, but the ‘Dev’ version (Updated weekly) and the ‘Canary’ version (Updated daily) are.

I know is not too relevant here as this aims more for Windows 10, but watch out for other versions too, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and the almighty MacOS, plus for mobile on IOS and Android (hum, where’s Windows mobile??? Never mind)

Download, install it and open the browser.

Once is installed, open up.

Now, open and from it, navigate to the Chrome extension store (confused already?) to get it installed in the Chromium Edge

Notice the message “You can now add extensions from Chrome Web Store to Microsoft Edge”

Boom, now you can use it as connected to the existing Azure DevOps.

When successfully installed you will the Test & Feedback icon here

You will need to add the root server URL and not the full project name within the URL.

You will see a list of projects (if you have multiple projects assigned to you), pick yours from the list and it will connect to that project.

All set and ready to use when you see those buttons available to click

Or if you don’t have an Azure DevOps (Used to be called TFS or VSTFS) access you can use as ‘standalone’.

You can still make notes, take screenshots, file bugs and share your findings in a report format.

If you want to create a test trial account, go ahead and signup for free via the link given in the prompt.

Now you can enjoy the use of the tool until is all fully released trhough the Edge stable version or you get the Chrome browser installed and with extension enabled for you to use it.

Let me know how you are getting on.

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