If You Want to Achieve Greatness Stop Asking for Permission

I like quotes like this as it summarises some of the few topics you can work on your personal development to make a better improved version of yourself.

Yes, that’s right. You can do it if you want to, if you are truly willing to change your life you can do it, but only if you want, is not anybody else who will experience it for you and hand it over when is ready.

No one can improve your life other than yourself.

I must say that I have tried many different angles, going from place to place, from job to job and have had not a clear exactly aim of what I wanted to do, until I have decided, enough is enough and once I’ve chosen to stick to something, one thing and one thing only, things started to become more clear and everything seems to be fit together quite nicely.

Quite a transformation for me breaking off the general 9 to 5 type of permanent job into transition to a contractor role as consultant, the transition is overwhelming, in terms of financial and responsibility, I must say that is hard work but in a nice way, it seems more responsibility as I have to look after my reputation, my own review, my own marketing, my own books etc… but boy, it does feel so good to know the leap is from being a permanent job of certainty to an uncertainty, I guess this is what it makes more interesting.

I’m curious, inquisitive and question just about everything and having something new, challenge and potentially to change more often is, to me, a dream come true.

I do not recommend if you don’t have the thing to become Consultant (Contractor) but I do recommend if you even may think about it.

Here some books I have inspired to write this thoughts:

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