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If you aren’t using emails to captivate your audience, you should be. Emails make a great, cost effective way to grow your blog and base of readers. By developing a quality email list, your blog post and recently published articles will have an audience that is waiting to read your content as soon as you click send.

1. Email Is a Proactive Way to Attract Readers

Would you rather engage in active or passive marketing methods. Emails are one of the most effective ways to proactively grow your business. Chances are your latest reader found you while surfing the web. Capturing their email before they leave your website should be your number one priority. After getting the key (Email Address) to their internet doorway, you will have an opportunity to gain a fan for life. If you are strategic, and thoughtful, you may use email to generate an interest in that reader and get them to return to your website.

2. Email Will Deliver The statistics You Need

One thing is for sure. Sales or revenue is only generated when you have customers. If you don’t have anyone even slightly interested in your website, you won’t be making any kind of money. Sending out emails will up the amount of visitors to your website and therefore increase your chances of earning revenue. You may have an amazing talent for writing. But, If no one sees it, then all that effort will have been for nothing. Therefore, it is imperative that you use email to increase your website statistics to obtain as many readers as you can.

3. Email Allow You to Personally Connect With a Person

When someone gives you their email address, you have struck a chord within that person. Half of the battle has already been won. Now, when you compose an email to send to that person, you should make it personal. Ensure that your emails include the personal name of that reader. Title your emails with friendly messages that sound anything but salesy. Use your email to ask your readers for their opinions. The more personal you appear, the more responsive they will be.

Acquiring trust will payoff ten fold in the long run!

Now that you know the power that emails can deliver. It is up to you to put your wisdom into practice. What you need is a email marketing platform that will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

What do we recommend?

We highly recommend you sign up for an email provider like Constant Contact. This well known email marketing platform has all the functionality you need to grow your blog to the next level.

Why do we recommend Constant Contact:

  • FREE 60-DAY TRIAL (No Credit Card Required) if you are in the USA
  • FREE 30-DAY TRIAL (Must Use Credit Card) if you are outside the USA
  • Advanced Tracking Features
  • Custom coding to allow email personalization
  • Mobile & Desktop Previewing
  • AB Testing & Analytics
  • Bounce Rate Information

When your free trial is over, we are sure you will love the platform. It’s easy to use nature will make it the crown jewel in your marketing arsenal.

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