Fear of Failure – 30 Days Challenge

What are your fears?

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Link to the challenge : https://onefunnelaway.com/challenge?cf_affiliate_id=688229&affiliate_id=688229

First list your fear, write down, don’t use a computer or mobile, use pen/pencil and paper. Is much more powerful like this.

Example: Time to do it while working full time ad having a family of young doughters

Once you recognise your fear, write down, what you would do to battle that fear?

Example: Wake up early hours. Talk to family to set expectations saying, I’m going to do this for a while so we can have more time together once we are financially sucessful. Give up Netflix for a while.

2 or 3 is suficient.

Now list what you believe you are capable of succeeding because:


This are my examples:

I am tenacious; I am determinate; I am healthy; I am intelligent; I am prosperous; I am courageous; I am disciplined…. and so on…

What to do when finding myself stuck?
Ask for help. Find examples of other people in my area. Get into mind-liked group. Avoid negative people.

Then every time I feel a doubt or insecurity, I will remember that:
Example: I am on the journey and I trust the system/universe/laws of universe. I want, therefore I can have it.

Another thing I did, with the help of the couch team is:
Make a list of my full day, divided by the hour. From 4am to 11pm.
You got to do things during the day that are inevitable, go to work, spend time with family, but there are room for sacrifices, like, 2 hours watching Netflix or useless videos. Waking up early and work 1-2 hours before your day starts, this things adds up.

Search for the key-word “Teachability Index”, this is so profound and powerful that will change your life and it is applicable in almost anything that you do in life.

This is my message for today.
Thank you. Like, share and comment, this will encourage me to do more videos like this.

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onefunnelaway #ofa #missioncomplete

Link to the challenge: https://onefunnelaway.com/challenge?cf_affiliate_id=688229&affiliate_id=688229

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