3 Chrome Extensions for Software Testing – Exploratory Testing

Ok, exploratory testing. What would you do to go through it learning, exploring and recording any evidence of it?

Here are some of the chrome extensions I use and I find it really useful.

Get them and see how useful it can be.

#1. Bug Magnet – Bug Magnet chrome extension is a huge time-saver during exploratory testing. Right-click on any field in the web application to bring up a context menu with pre-defined values for emails, names, phone numbers, postcodes etc. Select the value you need and it fills in the field you are in on the web page. So, next time you plan exploratory testing, you don’t have to make-up any test values for field value testing – Bug Magnet does it for you. Give it a try, and you will use it every day.

Bug magnet chrome extension

#2. Form Fuzzer – Form Fuzzer is another chrome extension to populate form fields with different values and comes in handy during exploratory testing. Like Bug Magnet, you don’t need to key in different formats of email addresses, phone numbers etc manually when testing forms. Just right-click on the form field you want to be filled and select the desired value from presets.

Form fuzzer chrome extension

#3. Web Developer Form Filler – This chrome extension makes filling form fields a child’s play and proves useful while exploratory testing. You can set up hot-keys to fill web forms using a single key.

Web developer form filler chrome extension

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