2 Chrome extensions for software testing – Emulate different Screen Sizes

There will be moments in your software testing web test tasks that you need to know if things are going to fit together in a particular screen size. These Chrome extensions can help you do just that.

#1. Resolution Test – Resolution Test makes it easier to test web applications on different screen resolutions and sizes. You can choose from a list of most common screen resolutions websites use or, use a custom size as per your need. It re-sizes the browser window and emulates the web application in the screen size you need.

Screen resolution test chrome extension

#2. Window Resizer – Window Resizer is another chrome extension that comes in handy when testing web applications. It does for Chrome what Firesizer does for Firefox – re-size the browser window to emulate different screen resolutions allowing you to test how website layout behaves on different screen sizes. You can select from preset screen resolutions or add your own custom resolution size (and save them). A few features which Window Resizer has and Resolution Test doesn’t – Window Resizer allows you to set customizable global key shortcuts and you can also export your settings and import them on a different computer.

Window resize chrome extension

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1 thought on “2 Chrome extensions for software testing – Emulate different Screen Sizes

  • 07/15/2018 at 8:42 pm

    Thanks for posting Rogerio – always good to have more tools in the toolkit!

    2 questions I have – what do these extensions give me over the Chrome dev tools mobile emulator please? Why should I should I use them over Chrome dev tools?



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